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We all know that channels and groups with high subscribers will result more trust. Oxim is proud to provide new Telegram services and promote your brand in Telegram.
If you are Telegram administrator, and looking to increase your channel members or promote telegram group, you need to know more about buy Telegram members.

Oxim Digital Marketing Agency, in collaboration with unofficial Telegrams and developers of various applications available in the Googleplay, has been able to help administrators to increase their members, so that they no longer have to worry about Telegram promotion.

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Our social experts are ready to provide Telegram Promotion services to its customers with more than three years experience in increasing the real members and fake members for channel and Telegram groups. We will assure you that you can grow your business with our help. Oxim Social  is the specialized collection in Telegram services that tries to provide you with the best Telegram services. Don’t worry about answering time !! We are ready to respond 24 hours a day. Contact us now for any support.

Our experts in Oxim team are always trying to implement the most reliable advertising methods appropriate to the content of your channel and group so that you can get the most out of it.

We will provide you with an accurate reports on the orders status.

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Most Popular Services

The Oxim Social team is proud to offer its services according to the latest customer needs and methods.

Real Telegram Members

Real Telegram Members

Using the force add method, increase the real members of your channel or Telegram group faster in less time. This is the most popular service in Oxim. Real members have more drops because members are real and may decide to leave.

Telegram Fake Members

Telegram Fake Members

If you have a newly established channel or group , first buy fake members. This will build trust to other users and your first members don’t feel worthless. This kind of members has the lowest drops rate because of their inactivity.

Telegram Channel View

Telegram Channel View

One of the factors which is very important for your subscribers in Telegram channels is the amount of views of your posts, and this amount of views determines the main value of your Telegram channel.

Telegram Group Service

Buy Telegram Group Members

Members or subscribers are needed for each Telegram group, and more users will result more credibility and trust people have in these groups. In this method, we will add members to Telegram group, depends on your need we use the real members or fake members, which all has the best quality.

Real Telegram Group Members

Real Members – We will add members to Telegram groups in add force method. Drop rate is between 30 and 50%. You will receive members you ordered for the loss of some members. Subject and group management also have important effect on drops and should be careful about  your published posts and be creative

Fake Telegram Group Members

Fake Members – Fake members are actually the unrealistic Telegram users that increase the number of members in your group but are inactive. In another word, these members do not exist at all and only have a fake profile. You will need to purchase fake members when you start your group so that you can give credibility to your group.

ICO Group Members

Telegram Target Members – In this method we will increase group members via inviting subscribers from your competitor group to your group which is called target members. For example you if you have ICO group can find a ICO group and introduce to us to export it members to your group and start promotion

Why We Should Buy Group Members!: At the beginning of the group creation, the number of members is low, and when the real member enters the group, it does not trust the group due to the low amount of members. As a result, we recommend that you purchase at least 2k Fake members before doing anything so that you can build a trust for other real members to join your community.

How to Get Free Members

Get Telegram Free Members !

Do you have a telegram channel or group? In the Oxim we will help you solve this problem in the shortest possible time with the free Telegram members. Increasing the number of members of Telegram channels or groups is always one of the concerns of the managers and everyone tries their best to increase members.

Telegram Free Members
Telegram Free Members

In order to get Telegram Free members, follow our steps in the following link and get up to 2000 free members for every channel.

Free Telegram Views
Free Telegram Views

Follow our steps which is described in following link and get 2000 free Telegram post view for last 100 posts of your channel.

Telegram Fake Free Members

You can also ask for Telegram fake free members after you finished our instructions and promote your  Telegram channel or group

Free Telegram Users
Free Telegram Users

Also you can follow our articles of Telegram promotion in our blog and get organic traffic from Telegram search and start promotion

Buy Telegram Members with Bitcoin

  • Choose your desired package and decide amount of you need .
  • If you have a new channel or group , first try fake members. This will create trust so that your first members will not feel worthless.
  • If the subject of your channel is public, such as news channel, fun, etc., the best option for you is to buy real members.
  • If you are administrator of a shopping channel or ICO group, try real and active members with the right and specific timing to increase your sales.
  • Note that drop rates is normal in Telegram members and it depends on your channel or group contents and your management
  • You can also buy Telegram Members via Paypal and other popular payment gateways too
  • And if you don't know which package is right for your business, contact us right now so that we can offer you the best offer. We are waiting for you 24 hours a day.
Buy Telegram Members with Bitcoin
Telegram Marketing

How to Get Telegram Members

For anyone who has created a channel or group in Telegram app, increasing the amount of members is very important, because high amount of members will mean a lot of revenue and popularity of that channel or group. Accordingly, users are trying to set up attractive channels and attract members for it in order to earn money. But the quality of the members and their activity will directly affect the income of that channel. For example, suppose a channel has 200,000 members and each post has only 1,000 views, so it can be said that most of the members of this channel are unrealistic and fake, and as a result, affect the income of the channel manager. But there are ways to get a real Telegram members, each with its own disadvantages and advantages, which are described in Oxim.

Get Telegram Members Manual

This method is done by users who are new and are not yet ready to buy member and on the other hand do not intend to work professionally in this field, for example, suppose someone has an entertainment channel and intends to do so in various ways. Exchanging links with other channels and groups will increase your channel members.

  • Time consuming
  • Difficult to add members
  • Free Members
‌Buy Telegram Followers

Most professional admins of Telegram channels follow this method. Because it is possible to attract a large number of members to channel in the shortest possible time. Some admins prefer to force users to subscribe to their channel, and some do not believe in it and only subscribe to interested people on their channel. However, in both cases, real and active members will enter your channel.

ICO Members

Telegram Target Members

This method is designed for increasing group members. We will extract members from your competitors groups and will import those members to your group. You can get 100% real members which is called Target Members. For example you can introduce us ICO members and get that members to you ICO group.

Real and Targeted
Fast Start
Safe Method
Low Drop Rate
Delivery 1-24 Hour
24 Hours Support

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